Field Payments

Stop issuing paper checks or drafts in the field
Reach higher efficiency in your operations with an electronic payments platform

Are you looking for a digital platform that can manage field payments needs seamlessly and securely?

InsurPay's payments platform will transform your current processes for field payments and adjustments.

InsurPay's Field Solution provides a platform that improves efficiency and flexibility of field adjusters by allowing them to offer a wider choice of payment options to insureds, claimants, and vendors. Using our payments platform, you'll be able to make payments from any location at any time, completing the payment process more quickly than is possible with a paper check system.

Compatible with Any Smartphone

Whether you use Android or iOS, you'll be able to adjust, process, and approve payments directly from your phone, allowing you maximum flexibility in the field.

Get Rid of Paper

You'll never have to issue drafts or checks again. Instantly make payments electronically with your phone, and view the electronic records later from your phone or web portal. Eliminate the time and money wasted on payment reconciliation.

Total Compliance

InsurPay's Field Solution is fully compliant with industry standards and applicable regulations. Employees in the field can obtain electronic signatures from customers to complete transactions without the use of paper drafts or checks.

Simplify Workflow

The mobile applications connect seamlessly with our payment platform, allowing you to quickly process payments on any device and then view completed transactions on the InsurPay web portal. Manage and oversee field payments and adjustments quickly and easily, and integrate all InsurPay applications into your existing payment systems.

The InsurPay Process

With InsurPay's Field Solution, your field adjusters will be able to rapidly pay claims and make adjustments remotely using the InsurPay mobile application. Paper checks, drafts, and reconciliation are no longer necessary, allowing you to complete and process payments more quickly and efficiently than ever before.