Auto Claims Payments

Modern payments technology for your auto claims process
Increase efficiency across all your payment processes and lower your costs

Do you need a comprehensive payments platform to electronically process auto claims payments?

The InsurPay platform is exactly what you're looking for.

Our Auto Claims Payments Solution allows our clients to easily process and complete payments from any device using our Smartphone apps, portal or API. Convenience, accessibility, and efficiency are maximized for all stakeholders including insureds, claimants, medical providers, vendors, and lien holders.

More organizations are moving away from a paper check system as they look for ways to increase reliability, security, and transparency in their operations. The InsurPay Auto Claims Payments Solution will transform the adjuster and customer experiences, while saving time and money that can be redirected towards primary business objectives.

Pay Anyone

Insured / Claimants
Medical Providers

Single Party

Insured / Claimants
Insured / Lienholders

Multi Party


Check Delivery
Direct to Card
Bank Deposits
Prepaid Cards
Virtual Prepaid Cards
Lienholder Payments

From Anywhere


The InsurPay Process

The Insurpay process simplifies your auto claims payments system by replacing paper checks with an electronic system that is easier to access and use at all levels of customer interaction. Once the claim payments have been approved and processed, the InsurPay platform will communicate with the insurance carrier and the payee, making the process as efficient and painless as possible for all parties.

InsurPay provides a universal portal for all auto claims payments that you need to process. The streamlined interface is intuitive and reliable, facilitating payment between different stakeholders in less time and at a lower cost than ever before.