Home Claims Payments

Replace paper checks with a state-of-the-art payments platform
Simplify your payments process and increase operational efficiency with InsurPay

Are you trying to transition your home claim payments processes to an electronic platform?

InsurPay has an intuitive and comprehensive payments solution.

The InsurPay Home Claims Payments Solution provides an electronic alternative to paper checks and filing. Using our software, carriers are able to quickly and seamlessly process payments and manage these transactions with the click of a button. Insureds, claimants, lien holders, and vendors all benefit from the faster processing of claims payments, and the automated InsurPay process will minimize your organization's investment of time and money while improving accuracy and completeness of the claims payment system.

Pay Anyone

Insured / Claimants

Single Party

Insured / Claimants
Insured / Lienholders

Multi Party


Check Delivery
Direct to Card
Bank Deposits
Prepaid Cards
Virtual Prepaid Cards
Lienholder Payments

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The InsurPay Process

Our Home Claims Payments Solution manages and provides payments using a simple 3-step process. The InsurPay portal makes it easier than ever for businesses to facilitate payment, verify information and identity, and complete the claims process for insurance carriers and payees without sacrificing control, attention to detail, or security.

Moving away from a system that uses paper checks will not only save time and money for your organization, it will also simplify and automate documentation and management of the entire payment process. With InsurPay, our clients are able to increase transparency and reliability, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction and service by implementing our easy-to-use electronic payments platform.