Medical Provider Payments

Upgrade from paper checks to a comprehensive electronic payments solution
Streamline your processes with an electronic payments system

Are you looking for a robust platform alternative to your existing processes for medical provider payments?

Increase operational efficiency with our innovative payment platform.

InsurPay's Electronic Payments and Remittances Solution is a flexible payment software that refines internal payment processes by providing automation, accessibility, and strong management tools to make payment and remittance processing less costly and less time-intensive for your organization. Using this software, our clients can manage payment and 835 files with more control, efficiency, and at a reduced cost.

Workflow Simplification

Using EPR, the entire payment and remittance process can be conducted with a single input file, whether 835 or proprietary. An intuitive interface and complete integration with existing applications make the process simpler and more efficient.

  • Seamless integration with existing software and payment systems.
  • Simplified process for claim settlements and other processing.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Paper remittance systems are increasingly outdated, and our clients are using EPR to transition completely to an electronic remittance advice system.

  • Users can view, deliver, and receive electronic remittance advice and PDF documents directly from the web portal.
  • Remittance advice is linked to ACH or Virtual Payment by a payment tracking number.
  • • Users can access electronic remittance advice for up to seven years directly on the web portal.

Payment Options

Businesses benefit from increased flexibility and efficiency of payment options available through EPR. ACH payments can be delivered directly to a provider's bank account, or a Virtual Card Payment can also be used. Paper checks are replaced with safe and secure electronic fund transfers (EFTs).

  • EPR deposits ACH payments directly to provider bank account.
  • The Point of Sale credit card terminal of provider is used to process Virtual Card payments.
  • Documentation and feedback files are provided to carrier for reconciliation.
  • InsurPay resolves all payment issues with providers.
  • Remittance advice and ACH payments are linked by a unique payment tracking number.

Provider Portal

Both providers and payers are able to access EPR through a universal online portal where they can review claim payment information, indicate payment preferences, and move the payment and remittance process forward.

  • One site where all payers can access and view claims payments and other information.
  • Easy-to-use web portal where providers can download, print, and save payment and remittance documents and information.

Provider Enrollment

InsurPay will conduct and manage the provider enrollment process, making sure that all providers connected to payments and remittances are enrolled in the EPR platform and web portal.

  • Providers are enrolled at the Organizational TIN level.
  • Each provider is linked to relevant payment and remittance information by the corresponding TIN.
  • At the NPI level, providers are able select a preference for split payments.

Security and Compliance

When transitioning to an electronic system, security and compliance are often the highest priorities. At InsurPay, we work tirelessly to ensure that the EPR platform is both secure and fully compliant with applicable standards and regulations.

  • Compliance with industry and regulatory standards is periodically measured and assessed.
  • • Sensitive data is protected, and access and processing of this data is secured up to and exceeding the standards established under SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, and HIPPA.

The InsurPay Process

When integrated into your existing payment systems, EPR will streamline the processing of medical provider payments, lowering costs and making the process less time-intensive for your organization. Clients who use EPR benefit from a simple 3-step process that facilitates coordination between insurer and payee in order to accelerate processing of payments and remittances.