Vendor Portal Payments

Implement a paperless payment and remittance system
Lower costs, reduce processing time, and increase efficiency with InsurPay

Are you looking for a way to streamline the processing of vendor payments and remittances?

Our electronic payments platform can transform your existing paper check system.

InsurPay's Electronic Payments and Remittances Solution provides a single portal for all vendor payments, remittances, and related processing. A traditional paper check system is more costly, time-intensive, and vulnerable to errors. With InsurPay, your organization will be able to manage and track all payments and transactions from one platform, increasing operational efficiency, oversight, and accountability. Our payments solution is extremely reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Workflow Simplification

InsurPay can be easily integrated or coordinated with other applications and existing payments processes. The EPR payment and remittance processes can be controlled and driven by real-time API calls or one input file.

  • Seamless integration with existing applications and processes.
  • Simplified claim and settlement process.

Electronic Remittance Advice

EPR replaces paper remittances with an electronic version providing clients with flexibility, increased accessibility, and secure documentation throughout every step of the process.

  • Remittances can be delivered securely through a web portal.
  • Payment tracking numbers link claims and remittance advice to the corresponding ACH or virtual payments to the vendor.
  • Remittances and documentation available to the vendor for seven years.

Payment Options

EPR eliminates the need for paper checks by processing electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments via ACH and Virtual Card payment options.

  • Direct deposit of payments to vendor bank accounts.
  • Virtual Card payments are processed using the vendor's credit card Point of Sale terminal.
  • Feedback files are provided to carrier for reconciliation and documentation.
  • Any payment issues with the vendor are resolved by InsurPay.
  • Payments are linked to remittance advices through the payment tracking numbers.

Vendor Portal

Your vendors can access EPR through an easy-to-use web portal that consolidates all payments and remittance information in a single online location.

  • All vendors and payers can use EPR to view claim payments.
  • Vendor information including payment and remittance documents can be searched, printed, and downloaded through the online platform.

Vendor Enrollment

EPR manages and ensures complete vendor enrollment, ensuring that vendors can access and take advantage of the online portal. The simplified platform and enrollment process facilitate access and self-enrollment by vendors.

  • Vendors can enroll themselves and update their vendor information in the portal.
  • Vendors with multiple locations can restrict access and permissions within their own vendor teams to manage access, security, and workflow.

Security and Compliance

The EPR platform is a highly secure solution that enhances an organization's ability to maintain compliance concerning vendor payments and remittances. The streamlined security and compliance management provided by EPR reduces risk and is a more convenient option than traditional paper check systems.

  • InsurPay platform and processes are regularly assessed for compliance with industry and regulatory standards.
  • Sensitive data is securely stored, and access and processing is protected up to and above the standards set forth by SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, and HIPPA.

The InsurPay Process

Our platform dramatically increases the efficiency of traditional vendor payment and remittance processes. The online portal allows insurance carriers and payees to electronically provide necessary information, indicate method of payment, and receive payment and remittance securely from any location.