Workers Compensation Claims Payments

Innovative payments technology to streamline your workers compensation payments process
Stop using paper checks and upgrade to an electronic system that's accurate, efficient, and secure

Are you trying to improve operational efficiency and processing of workers compensation payments?

Our comprehensive payment platform is the perfect solution.

Our Workers Compensation Claims Payments Solution is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that streamlines business processes and gives your staff enhanced control and oversight. Using our platform, businesses have a wide variety of payment options for both claimants and healthcare providers. Our innovative software makes the process as simple as possible, allowing organizations to better allocate their time and resources while ensuring reliable, consistent, and timely results.

Pay Anyone

Insured / Claimants
Medical Providers


Check Delivery
Direct to Card
Bank Deposits
Prepaid Cards
Virtual Prepaid Cards

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The InsurPay Process

The InsurPay process is how we take tedious and complicated processes and streamline them, so that businesses can process workers compensation payments with minimum time investment and maximum efficiency. Our proprietary payments platform improves the customer experience at every level-for the claimant, the healthcare provider, and most importantly-for your business.

Using our system, carriers are able to seamlessly integrate workers compensation and other payments into a single platform, providing a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution for all payment needs and documentation. Our three step process will save your organization time and money and deliver accurate information and results more quickly than a traditional paper check system.